Cellular- and Stem Cell Engineering have become key engineering disciplines in life sciences because of their important roles in biotechnology and medical technology as well as in biology and industry. Many biomedical engineers, physicists, chemists, biologists and physicians have moved closer to the biological cell as part of a new era in the engineering of sensors, devices and of cell based organ implants and tissues. The benefits of bringing together relevant disciplines to unite the experience of different professional backgrounds are enormous. The purpose of the upcoming conference is to present and discuss new technology. We will also present and discuss recent scientific data on selected topics in cell and stem cell engineering. New trends of research reaching far into the 21st century will become visible.

The organizing committee extends its cordial invitation to you to participate in this conference.

Eight preceding and highly successful International Conferences on Cell Engineering were held in Keele (UK), in San Diego (USA), in San Remo (Italy), in Nara (Japan), in Aachen (Germany), in Sydney (Australia), in Seoul (Korea), and in Dublin (Ireland). They have attracted great attention of the international community of scientists. The "9th International Conference on Cell and Stem Cell Engineering" will be held in Aachen (Germany) again. The event will be hosted by the University of Applied Sciences Aachen. The local scientific organization will be supported by the Center of Competence in Bioengineering, Aachen, because of the 10th Anniversary after it was founded. Thus, chairpersons of the upcoming Conference will be all members of this center.