Plenary Lecture:

Jürgen Hescheler: ‘Pluripotent stem cells for basic research and later clinical application’


Expert Seminars:

Georg Büldt: ‘Molecules in Action- from lipids to membrane proteins’

Jerry Pollack: ‘The Fourth Phase Of Water’

Joe Zaccai: ‚ Cell Biology with Neutrons’


Keynote Lectures:

Jean-Pierre de Vera: ‘Habitability of planets: How biological planetary analog field research,

planetary simulation in the lab and space exposure platforms in low Earth orbit are supporting future

exploration missions with the aim to search for life on other planets’


Saul Yedgar: ‘The role of red blood cell mechanical properties in blood circulation’

Peter Lelkes: ’Modulation of Stem Cell Differentiation by Microenvironmental Cues’

Wilhelm Roell: ‚ Magnetic Nanoparticle assisted cardiac cell engraftment in a murine infarct model’

Stefan Jockenhövel: ‘Tissue engineering & Textile Plants’


WolfganHeiden: ‘Visualisation issues of biological and chemical models’

Petra Kleinbongard: ‚ Endogenous cardioprotection- from animal studies to clinical relevance’

Björn Neu: ‚ Polyelectrolyte nano- and micro-capsules as drug carriers‘